Vastned announces agenda for the AGM on 25 April 2024

Hoofddorp, 14 March 2024 – Today, Vastned announces the convening notice, agenda and all related documents for the Annual General Meeting of shareholders to be held on 25 April 2024. The Annual Report 2023 is made available via the company’s corporate website.

Vastned Retail N.V. ('Vastned' or the 'Company') invites its shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) for the 2023 financial year to be held on Thursday 25 April 2024 at 1:00 pm (CET) in the Rosarium, Amstelpark 1, Amsterdam. Registration for admission starts at 12 noon (CET) and will end at 1:00 PM (CET). The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Dutch language. In addition to the opportunity to raise questions during the meeting, shareholders are given the opportunity to submit written questions in advance of the meeting by email to remko.bakker@vastned.com no later than 5:30 PM (CET) on 18 April 2024.

Shareholders may issue a voting proxy in advance of the meeting containing a voting instruction. More detail on registration and proxies/internet voting can be found on the Vastned corporate website. https://vastned.com/annual-general-meeting/           


The agenda of the AGM on 25 April 2024 includes proposals to adopt the financial statements for the financial year 2023, to declare the dividend for the financial year 2023, to reappoint Mr. Ber Buschman as a member of the Supervisory Board for a two year term, to appoint Deloitte Accountants B.V. as Vastned’s new external auditor for a term of four financial years and to discharge the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board in respect of the financial year 2023. 

Further information on these agenda items can be found in the notes to the full agenda on the corporate website of Vastned. Please go to: https://vastned.com/annual-general-meeting/

Annual Report 2023

The Annual Report 2023 is available on the corporate website of Vastned as of today, including the ESEF package. Please go to: https://vastned.com/annual-reports/

About Vastned

Vastned is a European publicly listed property company (Euronext Amsterdam: VASTN) focusing on the best property in the popular shopping areas of selected European cities with a historic city centre where shopping, living, working and leisure meet. Vastned’s property clusters have a strong tenant mix of international and national retailers, food & beverage entrepreneurs, residential tenants, and office tenants. The property portfolio had a size of approximately € 1,373 million as at 31 December 2023.