VastNed Retail declares 2010 stock dividend

In the context of the 2010 optional dividend, VastNed Retail has declared the stock dividend based on the share's non-weighted average closing prices during the option period from May 6, 2011 through May 13, 2011. The stock ratio entails that 1 new share will be distributed per 39 shares held, charged to the share premium reserve. Depending on the shareholder's choice, this means that per share, either € 2.58 will be paid in cash or € 1.33 in cash and 1/39th VastNed Retail share. In this context, a total of approx. 125,965 new shares will be issued, charged to the share premium reserve.  


VastNed Retail is a pan-European NYSE Euronext Amsterdam-listed retail property fund that focuses on high street shops in its core countries: the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium and Turkey. The value of the investment properties as at end of March 2011 was approx. € 2.0 billion, of which 55% were high street shops.